Go Ahead! Take the Risk!

She took an ark… and laid it… by the river’s bank.
Exodus 2:3

The wise writer of Ecclesiastes tells us to “cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days” (11:1). Like a farmer, at times you must go ahead and take a risk to enjoy the rewards of faith. You must step out before you can receive God’s blessing.

When the Egyptian Pharaoh ordered every male baby born to the Jews to be drowned in the Nile, Jochebed was forced to take a chance with her “seed”… with her tiny baby, Moses. She hid her little babe for three months. Then, realizing she could no longer conceal him and trusting God, Jochebed “took an ark of bulrushes… put the child in it, and laid it in the reeds by the river’s bank.” She was casting her bread-her beloved son-upon the waters.

In His great providence, God brought Pharaoh’s daughter to the riverbank. She found the ark and had compassion for the infant. Needing a nursemaid for the baby, the princess found Jochebed-further evidence of God’s providence. Jochebed was allowed to keep and nurse the precious babe she’d placed into the hands of God by putting him into the river. Jochebed’s seed of faith sprouted!

What challenge in your life requires a risk of faith? Are you sending your child off to school or college, off to a new married life, off to a job in another city or state, off to serve God on the mission field? Do you feel you’re losing him or her? Have the faith of Jochebed. Take the risk and let go. Trust God that you will eventually reap blessings.

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