You Have a Pattern to Follow!

Jesus was the greatest mentor of all time. He took a ragtag group of uneducated, ill-equipped men and, in three years, molded them into a force that turned the world upside down. Here’s what we can learn from His example:

There can be no impact without contact. Jesus spent time with His men. He taught by word and example, cared for them, and was patient with them.

He looked for men who were willing to learn. When He called them to the ministry, they eagerly followed. They made mistakes, but were willing to listen and obey.

He expected His disciples to make disciples. Jesus commanded them to carry on His work. You are now a part of that work, and you are to pass it on to others.

Lord, empower me today to follow Your example. Help me to pay attention to others and to offer my input when they are willing to receive it. Most of all, I want to eagerly follow you in obedience. Amen.

Read You Have a Pattern to Follow! on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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