Too Nice

When I walked into Walmart, my eye was drawn to a large poster picturing several arrogant girls with some pretty nasty scowls on their faces. It was an ad for the movie Mean Girls.

Now contrast these “mean girls” with my friend Judy who helped me serve at a bridal shower. Judy moved among the women asking if they needed anything and making sure everyone was comfortable. Graciously she refilled cups and removed dirty dishes and soiled napkins. Then I heard one guest sneer as Judy moved out of earshot, “She’s too nice.”

Since that day I’ve given much thought to those words: “She’s too nice.” What Judy did for all of us-including an ungrateful woman-was to actively live out kindness-a fruit of the Spirit. The highest compliment a Christian can receive is to be described as “too nice.” When people say that of you and me, we can definitely know we are walking with God and bearing the fruit of His kindness.

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