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Help Yourself to God’s Power

What is your Number 1 problem today? Is it a challenge you are facing? Something at work you must resolve? An issue with your spouse or a child or someone else? Then help yourself to God’s power as promised in Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This one mighty truth can give you the confidence you need for finding the right solution to a problem and carrying it out.

And, as you deal with your problems, make sure you express your gratitude to God in praise. Praise is not an activity that is limited to life’s positive moments-you can also thank and praise God in the hard times. Giving thanks and praise to God, even when life is rough, will help you maintain a right perspective, no matter what happens.

God, please remind me of Your promise of Your power and strength often. When I doubt, help me to believe; when I am afraid, help me to trust in You. This is my confession today: You are my strength. Amen.

Read Help Yourself to God’s Power on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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