Hope in the Story of Eve

eveThe story of Eve meaning “life” or “life-giving” (Eve was the mother of all living)is packed with many wonderful truths for you as a woman.

Do you realize that…

  • you are created in the image of God? When God created woman, He created her in His image. Let it sink into your heart and mind that you are creative, intelligent, and rational. In these ways you are created in God’s image.
  • you are created to have fellowship and communion with God? No other creature has been granted the privilege of communing with God except man—the creature made most like Him.
  • you are a reflection of God’s glory? That’s what being created in His image means. You reflect Him to other people. Every time you reach out in love, perform a deed of kindness, soften your heart in forgiveness, show a little extra patience, and follow through in faithfulness, other people experience the character of God through you.

From death sprang life; from darkness, light;
from an end, a beginning; from the curse, a blessing;
from her sentence to death, a hope for the future;
from the stinging despair of defeat, the strength of a budding faith.
John Drescher

Drawn from The Remarkable Women of the Bible by Elizabeth George.  This inspiring book provides spiritual nourishment from a woman’s point of view. Connect with the same source of fulfillment that sustained your sisters in ancient times – a growing relationship with God.

Read Hope in the Story of Eve on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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