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How Can I Be More Generous?

God is generous and giving. When the disciples came with a need, Jesus filled the need by giving food to five thousand people.

Are you nurturing a giving spirit? Are you generous with your resources? Giving God and people your time is sometimes the most expensive, and most appreciated, gift you can give.

Generosity also includes little touches and activities you can do to brighten someone’s day, such as sending a quick note, making a cheery phone call, weeding someone’s flower bed, or delivering a bouquet of wild flowers.

I remember clearly the day I assessed my spiritual life and decided I needed help in this area. So I prayed . . . and continued to do so. Every day I asked God to open my eyes and my heart and to bring to my knowledge the needs of others. I consider it re-tuning my heart to God’s Word, God’s ways, God’s grace, and God’s generosity.

With His help I can meet the needs of others and reach out with His love. Why not make this one of your goals?


Father, show me the big and little ways I can share my resources, including my time. Help me think of others before myself when I have free time and some spending money. Amen.


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Read John 6:1–14.

Who can I be generous toward today? Name two specific ways to show generosity.


Giving God & people your time is sometimes the most appreciated gift you can give.

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