Humility Possesses a Helpful Spirit

Humility is active cooperation, not passive resignation. Humility rolls up its sleeves and says, “Where can I help? What do you want me to do? It doesn’t matter how great or small the task, I’m here to help!”

Unfortunately we also often encounter these women:

  • The “last word” woman—isn’t willing to give encouragement or positive input, but she certainly feels free to tell you how you should have done the job.
  • The “know it all” woman—is the one who constantly interrupts her husband or friends with correct but unimportant information: “No, Harry, it wasn’t seven years ago. It was six years ago.”
  • The “I can top your day” woman—quickly blurts, “You think you had a day! Let me tell you about mine.” What she’s really saying is, “Don’t expect anything from me today.”
  • The “question everything” woman—feels it’s her God-given task to question everything she’s asked to do. Are you sure? Do you really want me to do that? Do you really think this is important?
  • The “reluctant” woman—is passive. She says she’ll help or do whatever you ask, but doesn’t quite get around to her duties and responsibilities.

Sadly, it’s easy to fall into these categories. But there’s hope, sweet hope! Peter says that if we — and all believers — will humble ourselves, God will give us His grace, His favor, His blessing, His power so we can do and be all He planned for us.

And this includes you! God wants you to succeed even more than you do. He saved you to serve Him, His people, and others, starting with your family, your church family, and your sphere of influence.

Read Humility Possesses a Helpful Spirit on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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