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Important Things Take Time

It’s correct to say that anything that is truly important to you will require your time and attention. And praying for your spouse and children is definitely a top priority.

Think about it: Your children are your flesh and blood. They are closer to you than anyone else, other than your spouse. That means you should be willing to give up some of the time you spend on secondary things so you have more time for the primary thing–praying for your marriage partner your children.

Prayer requires time. And if your immediate response is that you;re too busy to pray, then you need to somehow, somewhere, free up some time to carry out this priority. The Bible refers to this trade-off of lesser things for the greater things as “redeeming the time” (Ephesians 5:16). When it comes to you and your children, God has given you an allotted “season” of time with your children under your roof. It will truly fly by! That’s why you must make the most of your time with them.

Here’s a quick exercise you can go through almost every day: Think about how much time you spend each day watching the news, or sports, or a favorite program or two, or even The Weather Channel. Or consider the amount of time you put into exercising, surfing the Internet, going on Facebook, or emailing friends and associates and taking care of your personal business. When you add up all this daily expenditure of your minutes and hours, you’ll realize that you definitely have time for prayer-especially prayer for each family member’s life and soul.

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