A Dad’s Privilege

Most men are do-it-yourself guys. If it needs fixing, they fix it themselves. They are or act self-sufficient and have a hard time letting others help. For example, guys usually don’t like to ask for directions. As a result, many men have a hard time depending upon God. This dependence goes against all the “rules of masculinity”. But to decline help–especially God’s help–makes no sense because men are competitive and want to win. They want to be on the winning team.

So why not be on God’s winning team? On this team, you have a higher power–in fact, the highest power in the universe, God Himself! You have a team leader who possesses perfect wisdom and can give absolutely 100-percent correct guidance.

If you are a dad, you’ve discovered by now that being a father requires more than you are capable of giving. This is exactly where intercessory prayer comes in! Most dads see providing for the physical needs of their families as a major duty, if not their primary one. But the Bible also reveals that fathers are to provide for their spiritual needs. Petition God with your concerns–not only for yourself, but also your family. This is a dad’s privilege.

Read A Dad’s Privilege on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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