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Become a Reader

Wisdom and knowledge don’t come without effort. A big part of that effort involves reading. Here’s something to think about: If you don’t see reading as important, then your children probably won’t either. You yourself need to be convinced that being a reader is an important part of growing both spiritually and mentally. Only as you model this to your children will they become readers.

Perhaps you don’t like to read. You never have. But it doesn’t have to continue to be that way. Reading is just like any other skill. How do you learn a skill? You start from the beginning and develop the skill as you go. Start by picking books about subjects you are highly interested in-history, health, a hobby. Or start reading books that help you solve a problem you’re struggling with-like how to better manage your time or finances, how to be a better at your job, how to be a better spouse and parent.

A good way to start up is to set a goal of reading one chapter a day of the book of your choice. Set aside time to make that happen-like during your lunch hour, or the kids’ nap time, or during your visit to a coffee shop.

And don’t forget-the first book you want to read and have your children read is the Bible.

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