God Will Lead You

The Holy Spirit does not automatically seal your mouth so you don’t overeat-or so you don’t yell at your children. But He will prompt you! God will gently lead you as you read, study, pray, and try to apply God’s Word to every area of life. For example, Proverbs 17:28 tells us that even fools are considered wise and perceptive when they hold their peace and shut their mouths.

You have to decide how you’re going to respond to the issues in your life. Often your best response comes only after you are silent, prayerful, and willing. God’s Spirit lives in you as a believer in Christ-and He’s ready and willing to assist you with your personal discipline, self control, and spiritual growth.

Lord, Your peace eases my soul and gives me perspective and patience. I will follow Your leading and lean into Your strength to become a wise believer and better parent—one filled with Your Spirit. Amen.

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