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From Jim’s Heart—Beware of Spiritual Laziness

I am a part of a men’s Saturday morning Bible study at my church. The study started at 7:00 am, so I have to leave home at 6:30 to get there on time. Each Saturday as I drive to the church, my route takes me by a golf course that was filled with men playing golf and a lineup of carts waiting to tee off. Because many of the golfers are already far along on the course, it is evident they got there much earlier in the morning… like about 6:00 am!

By contrast, when I arrive at church, only a few men are there. I am always amazed that so many non-Christian men are willing to get up so early on a Saturday morning to play golf, but so few Christian men are willing to get up early to study and grow in God’s Word.

I know finding a balance that ensures that God is my #1 priority isn’t an easy matter. Even after decades of being a Christian, I’m constantly having to evaluate my choices. Here are some questions that help me, and can help you too. Invite the Lord to help you with your priorities.

  • Am I choosing the world over God and His Word?
  • Am I choosing hobbies and sports to the point of excluding any time that could be spent reading my Bible and growing in faith?
  • Am I choosing fun at the expense of being in a Bible study group?

Read From Jim’s Heart—Beware of Spiritual Laziness on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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