The Refining Process

Have you ever seen a speeding car with the bumper sticker that says, “Please be patient-God is not finished with me yet!”? If that law-breaking driver is a child of God, then the theology of the bumper sticker is correct. From the moment of your salvation, God is in the process of conforming you into the image of your Savior Jesus Christ. Even though there are momentary lapses in your conduct, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit will continue until you see Jesus face-to-face. How does this process take place in your life? God uses people, events, and circumstances to refine you.

People, events, and circumstances affect you in one of two ways: Either they become stepping stones to progress or they become barriers—their effect is all in your response. One response propels you, while the other diverts you.

What mission has God given you? Are you a husband or wife? A mom or a dad? A daughter or son? A missionary or teacher or office worker? First pray. Then name your mission, and own it. Ask for the Spirit’s help in not being distracted or diverted from the mission God has given you. And always remember: God is not finished with you yet!

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