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Leave Fear Behind

Is your courage a little thin these days? Do you feel overwhelmed or like you’re bordering on being overwhelmed by tough issues and demanding responsibilities? Are your fears getting the best of you? Bolster your nerve and fight your fears by remembering these fundamentals:

  • Prayer dispels fear and doubt. The Bible says you’re not to be double-minded, for the person who doubts is unstable in all his or her ways (James 1:6-8). So pray, says verse 5! Search the Bible for God’s direction and ask for it through prayer. And once you find it, move out! No wondering. No doubts. No fears. And no wishing your life was different. Just do God’s will!
  • Focusing on the finish line diminishes fear. As a Christian, you know you’ll spend eternity with God. There will be less fear in following God when you keep your eyes on that end—the finish line of heaven. There will be little or no waffling and wavering when you keep the promise of life forever with Jesus fresh and alive. No matter what happens along the way to doing God’s will and fulfilling His plan, you know you’ll experience fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).
  • Forward momentum forces fear aside. Proceeding forward pushes fear aside. Like the snowball that rolls down an incline, you gains speed, mass, and momentum as you step out and do what God asks. Soon you’ll discover your fears have been left behind.

When you pray, focus on your future and boldly advance. Follow hard after God with all your heart (Psalm 63:8).

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