Tests of Faith

We never know what a day holds, do we? But an ordinary day can mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey! That’s what happened to Rebekah, one of God’s women in the Bible. How could she have known that on an ordinary day back in her hometown, an ordinary trip to the town well would change the course of the history of the world? Rebekah had simply gone—as she did every day of her life—to draw water for the household. Yet, on that God-appointed day, a stranger—the servant of Abraham, in search of a wife for Isaac–was waiting there… and, well, the rest is history! (See Genesis 24 for the incredible story.)

As our Rebekah began her remarkable journey into God’s will, her beloved family stood on the road and called out their blessings for her life to come. With these important preliminaries taken care of, Rebekah set off on her journey of faith, and from that point on she encountered one test of her faith after another.

Everyone struggles… and so did Rebekah. And every struggle is a test of our faith. We struggle in marriage, with finances, with health problems, with family members, in our career, in our job, with friends, and with temptation. Rebekah’s life certainly didn’t turn out as she wished! She failed in many ways as a wife and mother, but through her remarkable life’s journey with its hills and valleys, you learn many life-messages, messages like these:

  1. Decisions must be guided by God’s Word.
  2. Problems must be prayed over.
  3. Marriages must be worked at.
  4. Children must be raised without favoritism.
  5. God must (and can be) be trusted at all times.

Read Tests of Faith on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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