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Making Your Time Count

Time is redeemed when you make the most of your life by fulfilling God’s purposes. As you line up your life and seize every opportunity for useful service, your life takes on an efficient quality. That may be difficult to imagine since you’re already so busy, but as you focus on doing the business of God, time expands. I don’t know who wrote this little poem, but it’s so true:

I have only just a minute.

Only sixty seconds in it…

Just a tiny little minute.

But eternity is in it.

As your heart becomes more dedicated to God, you’ll reclaim, recover, retrieve, rescue, and regain the minutes, hours, and days of your life for His glory.

Jesus,,what a precious gift time is! Please keep me aware of my stewardship of this great award. Help me make good use of every hour, realizing that once spent, it can never be returned to me. Amen.

Read Making Your Time Count on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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