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Mary, Did You Know?

“Yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also” (Luke 2:22-35).

Mary’s path as the mother of Jesus had many precious moments and held many sacred memories. But that path had its pain, too, as she witnessed people’s violent reactions to Jesus and His message. And in the fullness of time – God’s preordained, appointed time – Mary found herself standing at the foot of Jesus’ cross watching her firstborn son die a criminal’s torturous death (John 19:25). A sword was indeed piercing her soul.

Then, in the horrible quiet, Mary heard the clear voice of Jesus speaking to His disciple John. And He was speaking about her: “Behold your mother” (verse 27). No. She wasn’t being forgotten or overlooked. God was taking care of her! Having loved His own, Jesus loved them to the end (John 13:1), and “His own” included His mother Mary!

She isn’t mentioned again in the Bible after this Scripture passage in Acts 1:14: “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.” Let’s ponder the significance of her final appearance.

Mary is in the upper room. Perhaps the very spot where Jesus shared His last meal with His disciples, this room became the meeting place for His followers after His glorious resurrection.

Mary is among Jesus’ faithful followers. No single believer in Christ is ever more important than another. Here we see Mary and others who followed Jesus standing on equal ground.

Mary is praying. Kneeling shoulder-to-shoulder with the other saints, Mary joins with the group, persisting in prayer for the much needed strength and grace to carry on without Jesus’ physical presence.

Mary is with other women. Jesus’ followers included a small band of women who supported His ministry, as well as the wives of some of the disciples.

Mary’s other sons are present. We can imagine Mary’s joy. Her other sons had never believed in Jesus before His death (John 5:7), but they were brought to faith by His resurrection. Finally all her sons were united in faith!

What a beautiful – and remarkable! – portrait of godly devotion we find in the life of Jesus’ beloved mother. Mary worshiped and fellowshipped with other believers, persevered in prayer, spent time with sisters in the faith, and valued her family’s faith.

Never forget that Mary’s was a soul drawn upward! She loved God’s Word, faithfully hid it away in her heart as a precious treasure, verbalized it as she magnified the Lord, and exuberantly worshipped the God of her salvation.

Questions to Consider:

Do these phrases describe your life too? If not, which areas to you need to develop so that your life reflects your devotion to God just as precious Mary’s did?

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Jim and Elizabeth George

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