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Prayers for Friends

When we love people, we can’t help but pray for them because we carry them in our hearts! And when friends are far away and we’re unable to express our love and support personally, we can pray, knowing that God hears us. Jesus prayed for His disciples. Paul prayed for the believers in Philippi, the Christians in Colossae, and his friends in Ephesus. When it comes to your friends and friendships, there are many reasons to turn to God in prayer! What can you do?

—Praise God for your friends. You’ve been blessed with special people in your life. Give thanks for them.

—Pray for their spiritual insight. Paul prayed for believers to have their spiritual eyes opened so they would recognize their spiritual blessings.

Every prayer you lift up for your friends reaches God’s ears and heart. Ask Him to use His power, might, strength, and wisdom to help the people you care about.

Lord, thank You for hearing my prayers for my friends. For those who don’t know You, help me be an example of Your love and grace. And for those friends who know You, I pray they will see Your hand in their lives.

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