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Teen Tuesday – Growing Your Girl In God’s Wisdom

If you’re like most people, you need wisdom just about every time you turn around! When someone says or does something that hurts you, you need wisdom to know what to do or say— or what not to do or say! When you are invited to go somewhere or do something that your parents would not approve of, or when you’re not sure what to do, you need wisdom to know how to answer. You need wisdom for so many things—and you always will.

Happy to Hear It

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that James has some lessons and great advice for dealing with your tough times and trials. (And don’t forget, you can always ask your parents what to do about your problems.)  Read James 1:5 and fill in the blanks below.

“If any of you lacks __________________, you should ask __________,

who gives generously to _________ without finding _________,

and it will be _________ to ________.”

Help is on The Way

When you ask, your blessing will be wisdom that comes from God—which is always perfect. God knows you need help, and He enjoys giving it to you. As verse 5 tells you, all you have to do is ___________!


Lord Jesus, when I’m confused and worried about what to do, please remind me to pray—to just ASK You for wisdom! I love You, Jesus! Amen.


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What exciting truth do you learn in verse 5 about God’s response to your prayers?


God knows you need help, and He enjoys giving it to you.

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