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The Risk of Following Him

Most people spend their whole life building their reputation. Reputation is extremely important, and well it should be for us as Christians. But would you be willing to lose all that you’ve worked for if it meant standing up and doing the right thing to show your love for Jesus and your loyalty to the One who died for you? Look now at several examples of courage in those who took risks to follow Jesus. They are the women who stayed with Jesus at the cross. They did the right thing in spite of the risks and the possibility of bodily harm and criticism from others.

Can you imagine the scene? The sky became dark even though it was still day. There were earthquakes with rocks splitting and tombs opening up, and many of the fallen saints of old rose from their graves. It was such a scary sight that even the hardened Roman soldiers “feared greatly” (Matthew 27:54). And all but one of Jesus’ disciples fled this horrifying scene. Yet in the midst of these fearful and dangerous happenings we see that “many women who followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering to Him, were there looking on from afar” (verses 55-56).

These ladies were truly courageous when others feared and ran for their lives. “Why,” you may be asking along with me, “were they so brave?” The answer is love — love for Jesus. Their love was so great and their faith was so strong that they fought off their fears and acted with courage.

Fortunately, our opportunities to exhibit courage don’t gener­ally involve danger. But fear is always an element in suffering and pain. That’s why the example of these women is truly remarkable. Their solution and the application of courage is the same for us. Their faith in God empowered them with the bravery they needed to face danger as they identified themselves with their Savior. They were willing to stand up for Jesus and to serve Him to the very end. Are you ready to make this kind of commitment? You can always pray for God to strengthen your trust in Him and deepen your love for Jesus. Do it daily so you will have the courage to live for Jesus each and every day and when challenges come.

A Prayer to Pray:
Lord Jesus, I thank You that You are beside me right now and at all times. Help me to recall Your power­ful presence when I need to be courageous and live boldly as a Christian, to speak up when it’s the right thing to do, and stand up in the midst of difficult sit­uations. Amen.

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