Your Husband as a Shepherd

I had the surprise of my life when I interviewed for a job in a town on the outskirts of Los Angeles County. After stopping at the gate to gain entrance to the acreage of the Brandeis Institute, I drove down a long road leading away from all signs of city life. And there, for the first time, I found myself personally witnessing a shepherd-complete with a for-real sheepdog-moving flocks of sheep across the road right in front of my car!

Yes – sheep and shepherds still exist in our modern-day world. And the emphasis and analogy of a shepherd can help you understand and pray for your husband’s role as a father. A shepherd fulfilled a vital function for the agrarian people in biblical times in caring for the sheep. Likewise, your husband’s role as a dad is vitally important today.

And he has help! Jesus provides the perfect role model of what a shepherd does, and by extension, what a father is to do in his care for his children. In John 10:11, Jesus referred to Himself as “the good shepherd.” These activities and Jesus’ personal example can help fathers today, as well as help you as you pray for your husband as a dad.

My Prayer for My Husband:
(1 Peter 5:2-3)
Heavenly Father, I come before You now to pray for __________, the father of my children. I pray for __________ to see himself as the shepherd of the flock You have placed in his life-our children. Give __________ Your love and wisdom as he leads as a loving shepherd of our flock, not as a lord over them, and not because he has to, but willingly and joyfully. May __________ set a godly example in our family. Amen.

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