Sailing into God’s Plan


We don’t know her name, so let’s call her “Mrs. Noah.” She spent her days loving her husband, Noah, raising their three sons, and caring for their home. Daily life was simple …  until “the call” came from the Lord: “I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall go into the ark—you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you” (Genesis 6:18).

Grieved over the wickedness of mankind, God decided to destroy humans, the animals of the fields, and the birds of the air. Because Noah trusted and walked with God, God chose to save him and his family and told him to make an ark.

As Noah moved forward in obedience, Mrs. Noah may have mused, What can I do? How can I help my husband fulfill God’s plan?

  • Pray. She could pray for mankind as God’s judgment loomed, for her husband as he served the Lord, and for her family to also follow God.
  • Encourage. Husbands thrive on their wives’ cheerful, hope-filled words of support. She could encourage Noah in his work.
  • Believe. She may have wondered about the ark and the possibility of a flood, but she could choose to believe.
  • Help. She could help with the animals and gather the food they would need for their mysterious voyage of faith.
  • Follow. She could—by faith—follow her husband’s leading day by day (for 120 years, the 43,800 days it took to complete the ark!)… right into the ark of salvation that transported her family into an unknown future.

Lord, help me find strength for today and hope for tomorrow as I sail into the plan You have for me.

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  • Heather ,

    Why is this writer assuming that only the husband has a directive from God, and the wife’s job is only to support the husband’s goal? Why shouldn’t the wife have a directive to fulfill God’s plan? Shouldn’t the husband be supporting her calling as well? Why can’t they be a team of equals instead of one boss and one support staff?

    • Caroline ,

      In this instance the husband Noah received the directive from God and thus when this is the case wives need to support their husbands.Mary the mother of Our Lord Jesus was given the news of Christ’s birth.However in the case of John the Baptist it was Zechariah who got the news and Elizabeth had to trust God along…God bless your ministry Jim and Elizabeth George

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