Becoming More Like Jesus

As a believer in Christ, you have the ability-and the precious privilege!-to live for Him and strive to be like Him. In other words, to pursue godliness.

Yes, you can live a godly life in and through Jesus Christ. As you cultivate a deep-seated loyalty and devotion to Christ it will affect your conduct—you will become more like Jesus. What a wonderful reality! And what a wonderful reality to share with others.

How can you become more like Jesus?

—Be on guard against letting other things keep you from God’s Word. That’s where you learn what Jesus is like.

—Jesus prayed—and so should you. That’s where you deal with sin and have the opportunity to thank Jesus for His death on the cross.

—Make it your daily goal to “walk by the Spirit.” That’s how you live Jesus and show Him to the world.

—Share the truth about Jesus with others. That’s how you point others to Jesus.

Source title: Windows into the Word of God, by Elizabeth George

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