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What Do You Do When…

What do you do when you are struggling with obeying God? When your passion for God has cooled? When you have a pile of trials and aren’t sure how to handle them? Answer: Ask God to give you His strength. And that strength will come as you…

faithfully read His Word,

faithfully hear the preaching of His Word,

faithfully listen to wise counsel from His Word, and

faithfully deal with sin in your life as revealed by the piercing light of His Word.

Can you see how God’s Word is such an important part of your life? Your willingness to obey the Lord is a key step toward experiencing God’s blessings, and it will enable you to become a man or woman God can use to make a difference.

Lord, thank You that You pour Your strength into me when I faithfully read Your Word. May I remember with every trial to turn to Your Word for direction and encouragement. Amen.

Source title: A Man After God’s Own Heart Devotional, by Jim George

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