Putting People Over Busy Schedules

prioritesI’m sure you know how it feels to make excellent progress on getting all your work done…only to have the phone ring or someone stop by with an urgent need or a heavy burden. What we need at such a busy time is a fresh dose of Jesus! He never seemed to allow what was urgent to get in the way of what was important.

On one occasion, Jesus was preaching to a packed house, literally (Mark 2:1-5). As the four friends of a paralytic sought to bring their destitute friend to Jesus for help, the crowded house seemed like a hopeless situation. Yet these friends were convinced that Jesus and only Jesus could help their hopeless friend. So they took the tiles off the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching and let their friend’s bed down through the hole they had created—and Jesus healed him.

Jesus teaches His followers to be careful not to allow crowds, packed schedules, and being busy to get in the way of people who truly need help. They are what’s important. Ask God to give you discernment so you don’t ignore sincere cries for help. Ask Him, “How would You want me to treat this person?”

Life Management for Busy Women shares life–changing principles, including how to …

  • Live each day God’s way.
  • Take charge of busyness and find a balanced life.
  • Be a better steward of resources.

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