Teen Tuesday—2 Ways to Create Time to Pray

As a growing young woman, you need your rest! But you also need to pray. Two simple acts will help you move forward in beating laziness …and creating time to pray.

  1. “Head for bed.” As soon as dinner is over start thinking about getting ready for bed. Finish your work—and homework. Wash your face and brush your teeth. Decide what you’ll wear tomorrow. Get into your pjs and set out your prayer notebook and Bible. Then set your alarm. As a young woman after God’s own heart you are on a mission—to get to bed so you can get up in the morning and meet with God for some precious minutes with Him in prayer—before your super-busy day begins.
  2. “Something is better than nothing.” Yes, the old beloved hymn speaks of the “sweet hour of prayer.” But for you, try for something more realistic. Start with “a sweet five minutes of prayer.” Then, in time, as you began to relish your time spent with your loving heavenly Father in prayer, you will naturally graduate, little by little, to greater lengths of time spent with Him.

Take all your problems to God when you pray—your exams, papers, and schoolwork. Pray about your friends or the lack of friends, your worries about your looks, your relationship with your parents and brothers and sisters—and boys, your dreams for your future. Through prayer, place all things in God’s lap. Ask Him for His help and guidance. Then live your day to the hilt!

A Young Woman’s Guide to Prayer gives step-by-step guidance for experiencing an enthusiastic prayer life.

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