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From Our Hearts

Victory Over the Flesh

Victory-Over-the-Flesh elizabeth-george jim-george
DEVOTION: Have you heard someone shout “The devil made me do it!” when trying to explain away a sin? Whether in jest or not, this is not exactly a true statement. In actuality, we can resist temptation and have victory over the flesh when we follow Jesus' example.

How Does God Communicate with Us?

How-Does-God-Communicate-with-Us? by elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: Many people wonder how God talks with His children. Today, He speaks through what I call “the four Cs” which answer the question, "How does God communicate with us?"

Qualities of a Godly Dad

Qualities of a Godly Dad by Jim George
Have you considered the importance of presenting the right kind of model for your children? There is a source of wisdom that shares all the qualities of a godly man and dad ... and how you can attain them. 

The Impact Fathers Have on Their Children

TheImpact-Fathers-Have-on-Their-Children by Jim-George
DEVOTION: Dad, your children are observing your life, logging your activities, and repeating your actions, whether good or bad. And the results of a father’s influence will show up in children at some point in the future. Make sure you are having a godly impact.

4 Steps to Being a Great Dad

4 Steps to Being a Great Dad

DEVOTION: To encourage you along the process of being a man after God’s own heart, here are 4 steps to help you being a great dad!

Encouraging Your Wife

Encouraging Your Wife by Elizabeth George
Husbands, God is asking that both your wife and you be growing spiritually. Here's a list of things you can do to help both of you.

A Word About Suffering

A Word About Suffering
It’s a fact of life. Real life is filled with disappointments, tragedies, heartaches, and just plain old struggles. Yet God gives us a gift within our suffering. 

Putting on a Heart of Patience

Putting on a Heart of Patience by Elizabeth George
Is there something God is asking you to be patient about right now? When we’re suffering, waiting patiently is hard. But God offers us hope.

Encouraging Your Spouse

Encouraging Your Spouse by Jim and Elizabeth George
Trust is fragile. It is slowly obtained over time, but it can be lost in an instant. Begin to build trust and encourage your spouse with these qualities. 

How Do I Follow God?

How Do I Follow God?

You may conclude that it’s not possible for you to follow God because of some of your past actions. But you and I must never forget one thing: God looked at David’s heart. And that’s where God is going to look in our lives, too. When it comes to becoming a person after God’s own heart, we can count on the grace of God.

Discipleship for Life

Discipleship for Life
If you knew you were going to die in the near future, what informa­tion would you want to pass on, and who would you want to pass it on to? Let's look at Paul's last letter for inspiration!

Give God Your Life

Give God Your Life by Elizabeth George
Our devotion to God is strengthened when we offer Him a fresh commitment each day. As the saying goes, “Hold all things lightly and nothing tightly.” Read on for guidance in giving your life to God today.