Heaven on Earth

Would you describe what goes on in your home as “heaven on earth”? That’s quite an expression, isn’t it? Heaven…on earth! And life in your home is meant to be exactly that! The Bible uses home life and marriage as illustrations of God’s relationship with His church, with the people who follow Him. And when you live out your God-ordained roles and fulfill your God-given assignments at home others take notice and see proof of your special relationship with the Lord.

Just think! You have the privilege of presenting a picture of what heaven will be like to those around you. When you pursue with passion and purpose God’s design for a woman, a homemaker, a wife, a mom, you establish a home that reflects the order and beauty of life in heaven. An amazing opportunity, isn’t it?

I’m only human, Lord. How can I have a home and marriage that reflects Your perfect love, Your perfect peace? Show me, Lord. Please help me. I want to grow in these areas. I want to bless those in my home and point people to You. Amen.

Read Heaven on Earth on Elizabeth & Jim George.

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