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From Our Hearts

Raising Godly Children

Raising Godly Children by Eilzabeth George and Jim George
How does a young mom raise godly children? These three Bible verses show God's guidelines for Christian parents.

Temper Tantrums

Temper Tantrums by Elizabeth George
Can any other moms relate to having their normally-sweet toddler throw themselves on the floor and scream because we didn’t give them a cookie? Here's wisdom and advice on how a godly parent calms our children's temper tantrums.

The Cross of Christ

The Cross of Christ by Elizabeth George and Jim George
Do you know how to teach your children about the cross? Here is a simple and effective way to reach them and others with the Easter message. 

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord's Prayer by Elizabeth and Jim George
The best way for you to learn how to pray is by praying. And this model that Jesus gave is a good way to start to pray—in fact, it’s perfect.

Ask, Seek, Knock

Ask, Seek, Knock

(Parents, this devotion is material from A Girl’s Guide to Prayer. We pray it blesses you and your tween!)

When you see your friends, you don’t just say “Hi” and keep on walking. No, you want to catch up and to talk about all kinds of things! That’s how God desires for us to do with Him through prayer.

What Is Prayer?

What Is Prayer?

When you pray and talk to God, it's more than a one-way conversation. So, what exactly is prayer?

What Should I Pray About?

What Should I Pray About by Jim and Elizabeth George
Prayer is not a one-time talk. And it’s not just another opportunity to say “Give me” to God. Share this devotion with your tween to help them learn about prayer!

Taking Control of Screen Time

Taking Control of Screen Time by Elizabeth George
Do you need encouragement in taking control of your screen time? Here is one wonderful reason: with the TV off and our phone put aside, we have more time to devote to activities that shape both heart and soul—of both us and our children. 

Taking My Family to Church

Taking My Family to Church by Elizabeth George
Going to church is just a small commitment of a tiny slice of time each week. Yet this one little practice, over time, makes a huge difference in a family. Here's help to get you there!

Give God Your Life

Give God Your Life by Elizabeth George
Our devotion to God is strengthened when we offer Him a fresh commitment each day. As the saying goes, “Hold all things lightly and nothing tightly.” Read on for guidance in giving your life to God today.

Benefits of Reading the Bible Every Day

Benefits of Reading the Bible Every Day by Elizabeth George
What do you anticipate facing in 2019? Are you struggling with responsibilities? At a crossroad in your career? Do you need direction in dealing with your finances? Then you need God’s wisdom.

I'm Tired of Cleaning

I'm Tired of Cleaning by Elizabeth George
Over the Christmas break, kids will be out of school, family will be on vacation, and guests will be in and out of our home … which means the messes will be more frequent and the cleaning doubled. Here's encouragement to choose a good attitude when we're tired of cleaning.