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From Our Hearts

The Faith of a Mustard Seed

elizabeth-george the-faith-of-a-mustard-seed
We’ve all struggled at one time or another with our ability to fully trust God. I never truly realized the extent to which I wrestled with Him over even the simplest of things. Yet, I would hear Him whisper to my spirit, “I will protect them. Trust me.” As the mother of girls I may have had misplaced faith in that fact. After all, girls tend to be more cautious. But, maybe you’re the mother of boys.

Parenting Adult Children

elizabeth-george parenting-adult-children
DEVOTION: When our children are growing up in our home, we train their spiritual sensitivity so they can “distinguish good from evil” (Hebrews 5:14). We examine what’s going on in our home. Who are your children’s friends at school? Where are they spending their time? What are they reading and viewing? What music are they listening to? Then they leave the nest.

Tell it to Your Children

elizabeth-george tell-it-to-your-children
DEVOTION: There have been many stories of the damage severe weather, flooding, and tornadoes have caused lately. We stand in prayer with each and every person affected. The Lord is with you! While watching a recent news story about the devastation, I was reminded of a story a young father once shared with us. He told us the story of how God gave him revelation in regard to his children.

A Prayer for Mothers on the Front Lines

elizabeth-george a-prayer-for-mothers-on-the-front-lines

DEVOTION: Our nation, our world, is in His hands. In times like these, we can choose to sit idly by and hope for the best, or we can offer ourselves as a vessel and intercede on behalf of others. So today, in honor of two holidays celebrated in May: Mother’s Day and the National Day of Prayer, observed annually on the first Thursday of May, we want to extend our voices to God on behalf of Mothers on the Front Lines. We ask that you please join us in prayer for these heroes.

The Symbolic Praise of Motherhood

elizabeth-george symbolic-praise-of-motherhood
DEVOTION: If you’re a mom, your calling is a high and noble one, a momentous stewardship as God entrusts precious children—His special creations—to you! You’ll find encouragement for your own faith journey as you learn how God has comforted, helped, and provided for women in the Bible. Start or end your day with the powerful reminders of God's work in the lives of these women.

Shine the Light this Mother's Day

Shine the Light this Mother's Day
DEVOTION: In these weeks and days before Mother’s Day, I want to encourage and equip ALL moms to carry on the good work of raising children after God’s own heart. As a mom, God has graced you with an incredible calling. As you meet your children's needs, know that God has given you a unique position of influence over their lives—you guide their hearts.

Example of a Godly Mother

elizabeth-george example-of-a-godly-mother
DEVOTION: Hannah appears in the Bible during the last days of the judges of Israel when “there was no king in Israel and everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). More than anything, Hannah wanted a son, and when God gave her one, she fulfilled her vow to give Samuel back to the Lord. Her sacrifice was rewarded by God with the births of five more children. Samuel grew up to reflect his mother’s godliness and became a man of prayer and intercession for God’s people all his days.

Godly Motherhood

elizabeth-george godly-motherhood
DEVOTION: Eve: from death sprang life; from darkness came light; from the curse came a blessing; from a sentence of death came hope for the future; and from the stinging despair of defeat came the strength of budding faith. Eve was the mother of all living!

Choosing Friends Wisely

elizabeth-george choosing-friends-wisely
DEVOTION: Trust is essential in any relationship. If you want to have friends who are honest with you, then (you guessed it) you must be honest with them, even if it means having a difficult conversation. Honesty is one of the benefits of a true friendship. The Bible puts it this way: “Wounds from a friend can be trusted… and the pleasantness of one’s friend springs from his earnest counsel” (Proverbs 27:6, 9).

On Your Own

On Your Own
Many of us juggle responsibilities in our homes, churches, families, and communities, feeling alone in the middle of such busyness and efforts. But there’s nothing believers will have to do or bear alone. Here's why.

Watching Out for False Teachers

Watching-Out-for-False-Teachers elizabeth-george
As we pray against the ungodly influences that could cast darkness over our families, our children, and our hearts, here are three scriptural ways to watch out for false teachers.

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving Your Neighbor
Have you noticed how few people know their neighbors these days? It might seem convenient to not be overly involved with other people around you, but Jesus calls us to a deeper relationship with others. Here are some practical ideas on how to do that.