From Our Hearts

Watching Out for False Teachers

Watching-Out-for-False-Teachers elizabeth-george
As we pray against the ungodly influences that could cast darkness over our families, our children, and our hearts, here are three scriptural ways to watch out for false teachers.

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving Your Neighbor
Have you noticed how few people know their neighbors these days? It might seem convenient to not be overly involved with other people around you, but Jesus calls us to a deeper relationship with others. Here are some practical ideas on how to do that.

Help for Overwhelmed Moms

Help-for-overwhelmed-moms elizabeth-george jim-george
If you're an overwhelmed mom, may I encourage you? Spend time finding comfort through your Bible and prayer. Make this time a priority — and a necessity. Ask for God’s grace to just stop, leave the messes alone, and look to Him for His patience and for a quiet spirit. 

Titus 2 Women

Titus 2 Women
Titus 2 says older women are to teach younger women. And those of us who have daughters must realize the priority to be “teachers of good things" to our daughters and granddaughters. 

Creating a Happy Home

Creating-a-Happy-Home by Elizabeth-George
Would your family say you are generally more happy or more grumpy? Do you smile or scowl? Share kind words with a soft tone ... or YELL more often than not?

We can help set the tone of our home with our actions and attitude. Here's how.

Enjoying Homemaking

Enjoying Homemaking Elizabeth George
When we take our homemaking seriously, it becomes a profession and a pursuit — and a passion. It speaks loudly and blesses many, especially future generations.

No More Nagging

No-More-Nagging Elizabeth-George
DEVOTION: A nagging, argumentative, complaining, ill-tempered woman drives people away and isolates and divides us from our family. So, let’s commit to speaking in these 5 godly ways instead.

Making a House a Home

Making-a-house-a-home elizabeth-george
No matter what type of home or how often the place you live changes, follow these suggestions to make your residence a “Home, Sweet Home”! 

Mary or Martha?

Mary-or-Martha elizabeth-george
Have you ever hosted a dinner and realized later that you barely took time to enjoy your guests? I think many of us have Martha tendencies, so let’s embrace what Jesus offers a weary Martha.

Back-to-School Time Management

Back-to-school time-management elizabeth-george jim-george
Put these 5 steps into place to help you plan your days with intention. You’ll be amazed at the positive changes in your use of time and the difference in the atmosphere of your home, especially on busy—and early—back-to-school mornings!

Train Up A Child

Raise-Up-A-Child Train-up-A-Child elizabeth-george jim-george

God gives parents the job to prepare our children in their spiritual lives. We cannot leave this vital teaching to Sunday school teachers or youth group leaders . As parents, we must train our kids up in God's ways as much as possible.

God Is In Control

God-is-in-control elizabeth-george
DEVOTION: More times than not, your situation is out of your control, but it is always in God’s control. So rather than worry, choose to pray and put your hope into the loving hands of God.