From Jim’s Heart—It Really Does Matter

Sometimes we do an act of service and then get the feeling that it wasn’t a valuable enough contribution to the church, or that nobody noticed or cared. Therefore we feel like what we did was a failure. It didn’t really matter.

But no service that is done for God is a failure. Though from a human standpoint your labors might be overlooked or under-appreciated, from a divine standpoint, that’s never the case. God knows everything you do, and He will bless and reward you accordingly.

While recognition and thank-you’s are nice to receive, they’re not the reason you serve the Lord. You serve to please and honor Him. And the joy that comes from serving Him well will satisfy you more than any human applause could.

Father, thank You for seeing everything—even what is done in secret. As I find opportunities to serve others today, help me remember that my reward comes from You. Amen.

  • Mary McGhee ,

    Thanks to God for using you to remind us!

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