Rest for the Weary


How can we find help for dealing with the hectic pace of life? This powerful promise provides the answer: Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

What was it that moved Jesus to reach out and make this reassuring statement? A quick answer is that the religious leaders of Jesus’ day placed so many rules on the people. Their “religion” had caused them to be “weary and heavy-laden.” The people were weary from all of the rules and regulations that were impossible to fulfill. In short, they were worn out. Pleasing God seemed hopeless.

Enter Jesus! His summons was to come participate in the promise of rest…which only He can give. In contrast to the religious leaders, Jesus offered mankind God’s original design for rest to “all who are weary and heavy-laden.” His rest included perfect fellowship and harmony with God. But there was one condition—God’s offer of rest could become a reality only if and when the people heeded Jesus’ invitation to “Come to Me.”

Jesus’ offer of the gift of rest and refreshment is extended to you as well. And God promises spiritual rest. His rest provides freedom from guilt over sin, deliverance from fear and despair, continued guidance and help from the Holy Spirit, and ultimate eternal rest. So there is no reason for you to continue to be “weary and heavy-laden” when you heed Christ’s call to “Come to Me.” In Christ you will find relief and refreshment, and God’s gift of rest.

Drawn from What God Wants to Do for You by Jim George. This wonderful resource shares 24 sure promises from the Bible tailored perfectly to our needs that show just how much God loves us.

  • Sally ,

    Just went through life changing event at work. Decided to take care of me. While taking a nap I heard someone talk about someone’s employment and offered suggestions of course I borrowed.

    Your message gave me calmness while riding the bus with a sense that put God first all will work itself out and renewed energy will spar again .

    • Elizabeth Lynn ,

      Thanks, I had a little trouble tracking this down, but I did. Your ministry (both of you) means so much to me.

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